Diabetes control

Glucometers without test strips

How does the meter work?

Blood glucose meters
They are electronic devices that are used to measure glucose in human blood.
The device makes life easier for patients with diabetes mellitus: now the patient can independently measure and control its level throughout the day.

A diabetes monitoring device consists of several parts:

Modern blood glucose meters are equipped with a display, which displays the data obtained during glycometer (the process of measuring glucose in the blood). Modern technologies make it possible to manufacture a device of relatively small size: this allows the patient to use the device at any time of the day. Thanks to portability, the meter can easily fit in a pocket of jeans or jackets.
Sterile Lancets
Sharp mini-lancets are designed to pierce the skin for the collection of biological material (blood) for analysis. Lancets come in different sizes and thicknesses: their parameters depend on the thickness of the skin. One needle can be used up to 15 times, but in order to avoid infection of the body, it is necessary to follow the rules of its storage: the lancet needle must always be protected by a cap that protects it from contamination.
It allows you to maintain the meter in working condition. Batteries require replacement, and therefore many manufacturers have equipped their devices with rechargeable batteries.
Test strips
They are presented in the form of consumable material wetted in a special solution. When a drop of blood gets on it, a chemical reaction occurs. Its result is an unmistakable determination of glucose concentration. Each strip is equipped with a hint-markup: it indicates where the patient should put a drop of his blood.
For each blood test will require a new test strip!

The instruction manual is attached to each meter;

  1. It is required to insert a test strip into a special hole.
  2. Using the lancet, you need to pierce the skin of your finger.
  3. The third step is applying the biomaterial (blood) to the test strip.
  4. After a few seconds, the analysis results will be displayed.

New product glucometers without test strips

Today, glucometers without test strips are widely used among patients with diabetes. Instead, the instruments are equipped with a built-in tape on which a certain number of fields are applied, treated with a reagent (test fields).

If you need to insert a new test strip every time before measuring, in a new meter, in a new device, a rotating drum inside the device does it for you. Two rotating drum inside the cassette are separated, one of which stores a clean tape, the second - used.

Compared to devices requiring regular replacement of consumables, blood glucose meters without test strips have a lot of advantages:

  • they do not require regular replacement of consumables;
  • the time taken to measure the level of sugar in the blood is reduced (now it is from 3 to 5 seconds);
  • one test cartridge lasts for a long period of use.

There are several types of glucometers without test strips on the market of pharmacological preparations and specialized medical devices:

The cost of the device is from 3 to 4 thousand rubles. You can buy a blood glucose meter at an online store or an online pharmacy by reservation. This meter is equipped with a specialized tape containing 50 test fields.

Being the most popular manufacturer of glucometers, the company "ELTA" launched the sale of satellite devices that do not require regular replacement of test strips.

Compared to Accu-Chek, this option has the following advantages:

  • due to the well-known products, blood glucose meters can be purchased at many pharmacies;
  • acceptable cost of the device: the price of the brand satellite meter is 2-3 thousand rubles.
Blood glucose meters without test strips will help the patient to get rid of the mass of unpleasant problems, which are primarily associated with bringing the device into working condition. Now patients do not need to perform already had time to get bored with the ritual associated with the replacement of consumables.

Minimalism + accuracy = an innovative approach to disease control!

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